Crane Systems/Jib Cranes

Lyftman LR-System - lightweight crane systems

TAWI manufactures Lyftman LR-Systems consisting of monorail, single girder cranes in both steel and aluminium, twin girder cranes, curves, low built systems and floor mounted constructions.

Our cranes and jibs are manufactured based on the Lyftman LR-System profiles. The reliable and cost effective steel profile LR120/170. It is produced from cold rolled, single piece high strength steel. The self-adjusting joint concept is designed to simplify installation. Our automatic powder coating line ensures high quality resistance to corrosion and long lifespan. With four basic track sizes and self-adjusting joint concept an optimised combination is always guaranteed. Offers a span up to 8 meters between supports for ceiling structures with 


Lyftman jib cranes

Lyftman manual jib cranes are available in four basic versions for installation on a wall or column to handle goods up to 125 kg. A majority of the models are available with jib arm in aluminium to offer the least amount of friction, achieving smooth operation. These jibs can be installed to a wall or column and are suitable for lightweight goods handling. The radius of action is available between 180-270 degrees. Arm length is available up to 6 meters.