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Electric Lift

Protema electric lifting trolleys

With Protema lifting trolleys you can easily lift, turn, rotate, tilt and move objects and goods effortlessly. Protema lifters can be used for lifting different types of loads such as reels, drums, crates, containers, boxes and much more. TAWI has solved a great amount of handling situations around the world through the years using electric lifts with tools and accessories. We believe that the handling of lighter goods should not be carried out with manual force due to the risk of injuries. We can customise a lift to suit your needs.

Protema electric lifts are very versatile and makes lifting and moving goods easier in all types of industries. The Protema lifters are available in seven basic models with a wide choice of accessories and application tools, many of which are custom made solutions that have been designed and developed over the years with the help of many customers and Protema lifter users. Protema lifters are battery operated and designed with a robust chassis and reliable electronics. These electric lifting trolleys are extremely lightweight with a built-in charger, easy to use for all operators. 

With Protema lifts, difficult and potentially harmful lifting can be avoided and an ergonomic method of moving goods can be achieved. The first Protema lifter was developed in 1977. Today’s third generation lifts are a result of years of practical experience and development. Industrial kitchens, pharmacies, libraries and manufacturing companies use electric lifts to lift boxes, rolls, reels and other goods.


Protema stainless steel trolley

The stainless steel powered lift CleanRoom 80 is designed to function in the most demanding environments and to withstand the tough sanitary requirements within food processing and many chemical and pharmaceutical work areas. CR80 is IP65 certified. The IP65 regulations are an encapsulation requirement which applies to products with high reliability demands where water or dust could cause problems. IP-classification testing is normally carried out in accordance with the global IEC 60529 standards or its European equivalent, EN 60529.

The smooth surfaces and seamless design allow only a minimum of particle accumulation. This lift tolerates high pressure cleaning and use of alkali solvents due to the closed construction. 

In some industries the compliance of these regulations is a requirement. For others, a powered lift that can be hosed down is a very desirable solution. Furthermore we have also chosen, regarding maintenance, to please our clients even more by installing all the electronics inside the chassis bottom cover, making it easy to reach when the cover comes off.