Mobile Lifters

Efficient and flexible lifting with portable lifting devices

Portable lifters allow you to lift anything, anywhere. Pick up goods in one place, transport them effortlessly, and lift them in place wherever you need them.

With a portable lifting device, you can lift and transport goods, using the same equipment. TAWI Lifting Trolleys are ideal for moving goods to and from a production line, or simply lifting without being confined to just one work station. TAWI Mobile Order Picker lets you lift anything, anywhere. Ideal for streamlining order picking and other logistic processes.

A variety of tools make these portable devices suitable for lifting different types of goods, including boxes, reels, drums and crates. We know the importance of flexibility and mobility and that is why our portable lifting devices do not only lift but also rotate, turn and tilt goods. Reels are tilted from vertical to horizontal position before they are conveniently mounted on a machine axis. Drums and crates are easily tilted to empty their contents with no physical effort for the operator.

Our electric lifting trolleys are ergonomic and easy to use, with smooth and quiet drive, advanced safety functions and innovative features for optimal flexibility. The lifters height and width can be adapted to meet your requirements, different tools mounted on the trolley depending on what you need to lift, and the load can be rotated or tilted by manual or electric power. All the versatility and flexibility you need to make your manual handling of goods efficient and safe.
Our mobile vacuum lifter can be attached to any type of forklift or pallet jack. This makes it easy to use the lifter anywhere in your facilities, without being tied to one forklift. Flexible, efficient and fast.