Afzar Ideal Company was established in 2017 with the mission and strategy of updating and optimizing the structure of industries in the country. In the first step, the company started its activities in the field of manufacturing and logistics industries by presenting new technology solutions and equipment, and according to the growing need of senior managers and industry owners for consulting in strategic management and business development, as well as Attracting experienced and professional managers also added consulting services in this field to its activities. Due to the increasing need for electricity in various industries and with the use of specialized forces in the field of solar and hybrid energy, another branch was formed in Afzar Ideal Company, which started operating using the latest photovoltaic technology in the world. Supply of parts and equipment in the refinery, oil, gas and petrochemical industries is another very important activity of Afzar Ideal Company, which uses software designed in this company easily and in the shortest time compared to search and purchase and delivery. The desired parts are made by the world's top manufacturers. The Afzar Ideal transforms the efficiency of your industry and dramatically improves it.